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Huatai Financial Wins Multiple Awards in The Asset’s AAA Country Awards 2018

The results of the "2018 AAA National Award" were announced yesterday (December 11, 2018). Huatai Financial won three awards: Best Corporate and Institutional Advisor Domestic (Securities), Best High Yield Bond and Best Syndicated Loan/Acquisition Finance.

Best Corporate and Institutional Advisor Domestic (securities) is one of the most important sub-awards of the “AAA National Award”. With the continuous expansion of the investment banking team, the Asset decided to separate bank and security companies for the first time this year. Huatai Financial picked up this award as a security company, which shows that our business have been highly recognized by the industry and the market ,and fully reflects the professionalism and brand advantage of our company team.

Best Syndicated Loan/Acquisition Finance aimed to recognize Huatai Financial as a junior lender in the Sale of Center Holdings to C.H.M.T Peaceful Development Asia Property.

Best High Yield Bond aimed to recognize Huatai Financial’s participation as a joint bookrunner in WTT Investment inaugural US$ 670 million bond.